Beauty Do's and Dont's for African/Ethnic skin Part 1 :)

Published on by MYA AMAH


Apply sunscreen:  A lot of us, a whopping 82% infact do not even know we need sunscreen. I have heard a lot of people say “ I am black, I don’t get burnt!” and trust me that is messed up!, We should apply sun creams with an SPF above 30 and above to keep our skin healthy. In fact a lot of moisturers  and make up contain SPF, but not in abundance. So another source is advised. This is number one on my list because, MY friends saw me apply sun cream and questioned why I needed it!  We burn y’all and we burn BAD… fact am gonna stretch this a bit, Almost every black/ethnic person I know complain about having shady skin tones ( dark on some parts of the body and lighter on the other parts). Why do you think that is? Sun burn!! I suffered from the same problem and trust me I was really bad, my back/bum/back of my neck was like cocoa brown and the rest of me was honey caramel (hmmm dats making me hungry lol). No seriously. USE sunscreen. 


Due to requests received, this is a compilation of the best 3 so far for our skin tones.

  • E45 sun reflective sunscreen with an SPF ranging from 15 -50
  • Uzuri anti-tan lotion with an SPF of 40
  • The Body shop protect it sunscreen creamwith an SPF of 25, this is my favourite, its little and handy to carry around, it contains olive leaf extracts and  Vitamin E.
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