Beauty Do's and Dont's for African/Ethnic skin Part 4 :)

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4. Soap/bath liquid: many people use the wrong type of soap for their skin and this could be a major problem!!! Ever wondered why u buy a good moisturiser but it  doesn’t produce the effect u want?? Wrong bathing agent! (lemme go all scientific on y'all - wait...not necessary...phew! ok)  Dats why! If u have dry skin use a soap/liquid that will exfoliate and moisturise at the same time, and for sensitive skin - use something that cleanses away gently while nourishing ur skin and for normal skin use a moisturising skin as it will maintain your skin texture. 


My recommendations

For dry skin -Radiant glow exfoliating bar.


For sensitive skin - Dove body wash


For normal skin - Any of the above or personally I would say Black Opal.

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