Beauty Do's and Dont's for African/Ethnic skin Part 7 :)

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Top 5 ways to Protect your hair in the Winter

1. Condition! condition!! condition!!! you need to condition your hair as often as you can....every little helps! it doesnt matter if you are wearing a weave or rocking some braids or even leaving your hair au need to condition as much as you can and as often as possible.


2. Coverage : cover your hair from the ghastly winter winds!! wear a hat (there are a lot of funky designs out there and i am sure you can find one that suits your personality!)   you can even tie a scary around your hair, it doesnt matter! as long as it makes you feel good!!!


3. Lastly, Scalp massages! i know a lot of you are wondering right now ..... what da hell is she on about??! i willl elaborate: winter = cold = less blood flow = slightly 'thirsty' hair.....which is bad. conditioning helps sort this out and increasing blood flow to your scalp will not only help to keep your hair in top condition, but it will increase hair growth!


Hope all this helps and thanx for reading!!!  x x x x  




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