Beauty Do's and Dont's for African/Ethnic skin Part 3:)

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3. Cleaning, Masks and  Scrubs.


Cleansing: A lot of us forget or cant be bothered to cleanse their face, especially with regards to make up removal. I was gonna take each  step at a time, but I think am just gonna link them up- sounds better anyway. Facial skin maintenance is a priority neglected. I have to be honest I have only just recently started taking care of my facial skin (but lets not go into that shall we ). 


Every morning/evening before bed or both, if you have the time to spare. You should start off by using a cleanser to take off all those make up on the face which I will come back to in my next article…..okay after cleansing, apply a mask or scrub or both if you want to (but I don’t think it makes any difference, as they both basically do the same thing ..) Endeavor to leave them on for atleast 5 minutes or longer if you don’t have sensitive skin because this way, the chemicals are given enough time to have an effect…..don’t just put on wash off! (like someone I know…y’all don’t even wanna get me started ok?! Shoot, you would think she was being chased…lol…ok….lmao…ryt.. ) Anyhoo, as I was saying, leave it on and give a sufficient time for the product to work. And remember the time given on the back of certain products are guidelines only, leave them on till you actually FEEL them working and you should!! After all that, soothe your skin with a suitable face cream (I will let you in on a secret….most people use their moisturisers on their face and it works just as well!!) But if you have a heavy purse, I suggest you buy one ideal for your skin type. Hope this helps and thanks for reading! Mwah!!!!!!  

Favourite masks:
St Ives face mask
Queen Helene mud mask
Nuage skin peel mask. :)
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